Ergonomics at work and its benefits to workers’ health and well-being

Ergonomics is also known as the study of the relationship between man and his working environment. We can say that ergonomics at work offers the individual, adequate comfort and methods of accident prevention and specific pathologies for each type of activity performed. Bad posture and repetitive strain injuries, over time, cause various ills that impair and compromise the health of the worker, often making it impossible for the individual to continue performing the same function, due, for example, to a disability Motor.Ergonomic office chair and the ergonomic footrest are one of the equipment that best for theworkingenvironment.

The general conditions of work, considering the lighting, the noise level, and the temperature, are the main causes of the problems that directly affect the health of the employees of a company. In this case, ergonomics can also contribute significantly to prevent these diseases from occurring, to make the procedures for controlling and regulating sufficient working conditions more and more efficient.

Considering that the efficiency of the processes used in ergonomics is appropriate to eliminate the risks that affect the health of the worker. It can be said that the cost-benefit of the ergonomic methods used, minimizes for companies, expenses with possible indemnities, when not There are adequate working conditions, causing the employees some physical incapacity that makes it impossible to carry out their daily activities.

Occupational offers its customers all the necessary support to carry out the ergonomic analysis in the work environment. With a complete program that provides the postural adaptation of the workers to the appropriate working conditions, the satisfactory results emerge and, consequently, generate a greater productive efficiency.

The ergonomic program offered by Ocupacional is designed according to the unique characteristics of each company, with training to train employees more safely and efficiently to perform their job functions. The program provides companies with: ergonomic analysis of the work, ergonomic report, lectures and training, work gymnastics, ergonomic committee, among others.

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